Manchester Data Platform User Group

Manchester (UK) Data Platform User Group

Network, learn, ask a question, meet fellow SQL Server Professionals and have some pizza - these are all things that happen at user group events. These events are a really great opportunity to socialise in an informal learning experience. Remember to tell your friends and the people you work with.

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Next Meeting: Thu, Mar 16 2017

Manchester PASS Chapter (Mar2017)

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***Please Note the New Venue Address***

Slater and Gordon 
58 Mosley Street 
M2 3HZ 
United Kingdom


Network, learn, ask a question, meet other folk, get fed - these are all things that happen at PASS Chapter events. These events are a really great opportunity to socialise in an informal learning experience.

Remember to tell your friends and the people you work with; make sure you register as soon as you can.


17.30 – 18:00 Registration and networking

18:00 – 18:30 Round Table discussion and Nuggets - ALL Take stock and get the latest news in the SQL Server and Azure Data Platform field. This is also a great opportunity to ask any burning questions you have, may be a problem at work.

18:30 - 19:30 - First Session.

19:30 - 19:50 - Break. Time for pizza.

19:50 - 20:50 - Second Session.

20:50 - 21:00 - Feedback and Close.

Finally: Drinks down the pub


Featured Presentations

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Speaker: Paul Duffett

Summary: My session will be on Azure SQL Data Warehouse. I will look to dispel some myths, take a deep-dive into the architecture and share some best practices. By the end of the session I am hoping to have changed your perception on what, on the face of it, seems to be a "Data Warehouse" product. All is not what it seems.

About Paul: I'm married, have four (yes, 4!) daughters and by the time you are reading this we will have added a son to the collection, which is now finalised! This year, the 5th of September to be exact, I'll be celebrating 30 years in the data+tech industry. I have an MSc in Business Intelligence from the University of Dundee and I have a bunch of MCPs mainly in SQL Server (I was a DBA for many years) but more recently "Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions". In April 2016 I joined Microsoft as a Data Solution Architect on the Azure Platform and I haven't slept since.


PowERBI goes Bananas

Speaker: Peter Moore

Summary: I'm scared of visualisations and I wanted to fix it. This is a talk by an artistic dimwit who is quite good at data.

With a Trello-based Kanban board* as my muse and PowerBI as my canvass, I built a series of progressively less bad visualisations until I felt like an artist.

As with all art, you be the judge.

About Peter: Once an IT Director, still a Data guy. Always a Scientist.

Data Science became a buzz word recently. Even sexy (just ask Harvard). Under various guises, it is what I’ve been doing for years: applying the scientific method to data.

In today’s world finding the information is easy, asking the correct questions of it: that’s hard. The single best way to ask the right questions is to look at your data. This is what I do: look at the data, ask the right questions, solve the right problems.



Supplementary Materials

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