Manchester Data Platform User Group

Manchester (UK) Data Platform User Group

Network, learn, ask a question, meet fellow SQL Server Professionals and have some pizza - these are all things that happen at user group events. These events are a really great opportunity to socialise in an informal learning experience. Remember to tell your friends and the people you work with.

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Next Meeting: Thu, Jun 01 2017

Manchester PASS User Group (June 2017)

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17.30 – 18:00 Registration and networking

18:00 – 18:10 Get the latest news in the SQL Server and Azure Data Platform field. This is also a great opportunity to ask any burning questions you have, may be a problem at work.

18:10 – 19:10 - First Session.

19:10 – 19:30 - Break. Time for pizza.

19:30 - 20:30 - Second Session.

20:30 – Feedback and Close and head for drinks down the pub

Featured Presentation

Analyzing I/O Subsystem Performance

Speaker: Glenn Berry, Principal Consultant SQLskills

Summary: SQL Server is often I/O bound - but why? Do you feel lost when talking to your storage administrator?  Are your storage subsystems like a mysterious black box where your databases live but you can’t go visit? This session will get you up to speed with the fundamentals of storage subsystems for SQL Server. You will learn about the different types of storage that are available, and how to decide what type of storage to use for different workload types. You will also learn useful tips and techniques for configuring your storage for the best performance and reliability. We’ll cover methods to effectively measure and monitor your storage performance so that you will have valuable information and evidence available the next time you have to discuss IO performance with your storage administrator. Come to this session to learn how to analyze I/Os as well as options to reduce the bottlenecks.

About Glenn: Glenn Berry works as a principal consultant at SQLskills in Elizabeth, CO. He is a former Data Platform MVP and has a collection of Microsoft certifications, including MCITP, MCDBA, MCSE, MCSD, MCAD, and MCTS, which proves that he likes to take tests! His expertise includes DMVs, high availability, hardware selection, and storage subsystems. Glenn is also an adjunct faculty member at University College - University of Denver, where he has taught since 2000.

SQL vs NoSQL explained in simple terms

Speaker: Peter Moore, Data Guy

Summary: Track Application & Database Development Level Beginner (Level 100) This talk is for people who love data and ponder how to structure it. If you are steeped in the relational model but don’t know NoSQL, this will demystify it using simple tools and examples (with not a CLI in sight – promise!). If NoSQL is already your thing, then this will show you the viewpoint of a relatively recent “relational” convert. The common denominator is the data. This is a very simple talk consisting of a couple of definitions, a few examples and some theory. You will leave knowing the business need and underlying theory of the different models, when you should use them and why, in spite of the nomenclature, SQL and NoSQL will happily co-exist. Tags: SQL, NoSQL, CAP theorem, ACID vs BASE.

About Peter: Once an IT Director, still a Data guy. Always a Scientist. Data Science became a buzz word recently. Even sexy (just ask Harvard). Under various guises, it is what I’ve been doing for years: applying the scientific method to data. In today’s world finding the information is easy, asking the correct questions of it: that’s hard. The single best way to ask the right questions is to look at your data. This is what I do: look at the data, ask the right questions, solve the right problems


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